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Let’s get acquainted.  First, let me share a few ideas about what motivated me to create this website and the level of personal satisfaction I hope it will bring.

Oftentimes, people get personal satisfaction in life from external stimuli such as seeing the Boston Red Sox win the World Series; seeing their favorite QB throw a Super Bowl winning touch-down; watching their prized golf  champion sink a hole-in-one; or seeing their team win the NBA finals with a buzzer beater.  Although I enjoy watching these same awesome feats, they only provide a brief momentary lift that dissipates by evening or the next morning.

As I’ve gotten older, I want to see sparks that fly over and over again vs the fleeting thrills of a sporting event.  I’m more excited about winning my own game and reaping benefits that linger more than just a day or two.

What does it take to win my own game?  The answer starts with reflecting on my values.  Then focusing on goals associated with those values.  Here are my top 3 values:

1.    Financial literacy and the ability to generate income.

2.    Having enough income streams during retirement that are strong enough to erase any worries about money to meet present obligations or not having enough money to cover future needs.

3.    Achieving enough success winning at my game to have enough experience and knowledge to help others win at their game.

Fact is:  any game that delivers a worthwhile end result requires a mindset to overcome adversity.  One adversity is a list of repeated failures and periods of stagnation where efforts to win were neither winning nor losing, just doing nothing.  All the while, a naysayer is holding up a failure flag saying, “I told you so.  You’re not doing much.  You won’t do much.  In fact, I don’t trust your judgment to accomplish anything in this area.”  This demotivating experience is adversity at its best.

How do I win despite these perplexities?

My mentor told me to make a conscious decision to:

1.    Decide to stay in the game

2.    Keep planting seeds in fertile ground

3.    Keep cultivating those planted seeds even during a period that feels like a famine.

4.    Start where you are.  Don’t wait for things to get better.

5.    Use what you already have in your hand.  Focus on that dream which is an inward picture of a future desire.

6.    Do what you can.  Your passion and your enthusiasm will trigger a miracle.

My mentor reminded me of the story of a man named Isaac who found himself in a famine.  During the famine, his LORD told him to stay right where he was in the midst of that famine even though he had a strong personal desire to take flight and find a greener pasture.  His instruction was to stay in his lane cultivating land that was parched and not bearing fruit in the present.  His Lord told him this place is yours, this is where you belong.  I’ve given you this place and you must not walk away just because you’re in a famine.  Don’t give up and quit.  Don’t pack your bags and travel to another place that looks better or appears to have a brighter destiny.  His Lord told him, “You are under a STAY-HERE command.”  Do not respond like others who abandon a dry place that feels like starvation.

He told him to persevere, whose meaning can be dissected into 2 parts:  per-“through” severe times.  Go through hard times.

Because Isaac followed that instruction, he reaped a 100-fold harvest.

That’s what I want to do.  Stay positioned in my lane.  Cultivating dry (but fertile) soil, so I can win at my game and reap a 100-fold bounty.


I read a book called, “In the Black Live Faithfully Prosper financially”.  The Ultimate 9-Step plan for financial success written by Aaron Smith with Brenda Lane Richardson.

In the text, the author describes the top 9 things people worry about financially:

1.    Ability to pay bills in case of disability

2.    Fear that money won’t last

3.    Ability to pay for children’s education

4.    Ability to afford health care

5.    Family lifestyle changes in case of death

6.    Financially unsure about retirement

7.    Ability to replace cars in case of an accident

8.    Worry about becoming homeless

9.    Getting Alzheimer’s

I want to add 1 more concern which I will call no. 10:

10.Not realizing the dream and settling for something less.

Let’s pick off each one of these worry wort’s and prescribe a possible solution I can help people discover.

1.    If a person is worried about paying bills during a disability, they can purchase life insurance with accelerated benefit riders (living benefits) that pay out a portion of the face value if a qualifying illness strikes, i.e. cancer, heart attack, stroke, Lou Gehrig’s disease, renal failure.  I can perform a Needs Analysis and add living benefits to their coverage.

2.    If a person is worried that their money won’t last we can look at all the free literature that’s out there that talk about building wealth:  Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and also The Ultimate 9-Step plan for financial success that Aaron wrote about.

Many Americans do not save for retirement.  For that reason, people of color are 5 times less likely than whites to inherit money from their predecessors which can help with down payment for a home according to the Urban Institute.  Together we can put together a plan for building sustainable wealth, which might include cash-value life insurance that includes a savings portion which allows income payments for life during retirement or face value that can help surviving desendents start businesses, pay for college or purchase homes.

3.    If a person is afraid that they can’t pay for a child’s education, I am connected to a college planning specialist (in my broker’s office) who is an expert at building funding plans for college.

4.    If a person is afraid they can’t afford health care, again we can look at adding living benefits to life insurance plus funding a long-term care policy to cover additional health care needs (medical insurance does not cover).

5.    The best way to create an immediate estate that pays beneficiary in the case of death is LIFE INSURANCE.  I can help any client find the right coverage to suit their needs.

6.    If a person is financially unsure about retirement, they can consider saving money inside an Equity Index that has upside potential (when the S&P is growing) with no downside risk (when the market goes down).  This index locks in the principal and gains, so they person never loses money when the market turns negative.

7.    If a person is worried about replacing cars, they can simply package life insurance with property and casualty coverage that will provide the replacement value of a totaled vehicle.

8.    If a person is worried about becoming homeless, we simply need to make sure we add the right hazard insurance providing the right replacement cost for their home if it should burn to the ground or get demolished during a natural disaster.  Hazard insurance can also bundle with life insurance to make the package affordable.

9.    If a person is worried about suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, why not add accelerated living benefit riders to their life insurance which will pay a portion of the face value if they are diagnosed with this debilitating disease?  I can help a person add these living benefits to their existing coverage.

10.Last but not least, if a person has concerns about not achieving their dreams, we are running in the same race.  I have a lot of experience failing and suffering periods of stagnation which qualifies me to advance into the qualifying rounds for dream realization.  Guess what? I’ve got the magic formula to overcome these vicissitudes.  I HAVEN’T GIVEN UP PURSUING MY DREAMS in spite of the famine nature of my circumstances.


The purpose of this website is to help people connect with the true essence and meaning of life insurance, buidling financial dreams and quieting all those financial worries about the future.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Michael Lucas

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